Lyra Marlowe
erotic romance that breaks a few rules
Lyra Marlowe
All rights reserved.
Repressed and bossy Ellen Meyers gets a shocking peek -- literally -- into her old
friends' love life. While she watches through the kitchen window, David and Ariel
indulge in some serious submission play on the kitchen table. Though she knows she
should be repelled, Ellen can't stop watching. She can't keep from touching herself,

But when another Dom discovers her voyeurism, he insists on pleasuring Ellen while
she watches the games inside. She's only had a few lovers and she's never had an
orgasm with any them. She's certainly never engaged in anything as scandalous as
Thomas suggests. She is much too prim and proper for any of that. Or is she?
Cover art by April Martinez.  
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First Taste

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BDSM Contemporary
Four Kisses from Two Lips Reviews

"I hope Ms. Marlowe returns to this couple because they have an undeniable
chemistry which cries out for a fuller story of their own."

Four Cups from Coffee Time Romance & More

"Lyra Marlowe writes an exciting tale full of passion and lust. Ellen is a
character so many can identify with and feel compassion for. I thought it was
interesting that the author used Ellen’s high school nemesis as an instrument
of instruction."

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Show up, show up, show up, and after a while
the muse shows up, too.
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