Lyra Marlowe
erotic romance that breaks a few rules
Lyra Marlowe
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Cover art by April Martinez.  
The first time David saw Ariel, she was pinned against the lockers, being fingered
by a football player -- and smiling. He never forgot that smile. But he let her get

Ten years later, a summer class reunion brings him another chance.

Ariel is still beautiful, free, and erotically unpredictable; David, even in his own
mind, is dull as dry toast. She wants to be sexually dominated -- by him. He'd be
happy just to get laid. But with the help of the Internet, an experienced Dom who's
willing to give advice, and Ariel's drawer full of toys, he'll take a shot at being
everything she wants and needs.

Twenty-four hours of submission, bondage, erotic toys and one old-fashioned
spanking convince David that Ariel's sexual preferences suit him perfectly. But if
they're going to stay together, they'll have to deal with other issues: The
suffocating summer heat. The specter of Ariel's free-love past. The disapproval of
their old classmates. Their mutual insecurities. And maybe the most important
question: Can a dedicated tax accountant really be happy with a woman who
never balances her checkbook?

Whatever happens, the flavor of their summer isn't going to be vanilla any more.
Joyfully Recommended at Joyfully

"Every so often you come across a book that just
grabs your attention and doesn’t let go;  The Flavor
of Summer is such a book for me.  I admit, I must
have re-read this book a dozen times in the couple of
weeks I’ve had it.  It isn’t just the book’s “sexy factor” which pulls me to it, though
Ms. Marlowe dishes  that out in spades.  What continually draws me to  The
Flavor of Summer is that the book has heart.  Quite simply, David and Ariel are
lovable characters and I keep returning to their story out of a fondness for

Blue Ribbon rating 4.5 from Romance Junkies

"Ms. Marlowe paints a world that screams with accuracy. Emotions grab you on
the edge of your seat, and hope starts to beat in your heart. Will these two have
their reunion this time? The world of D/s is beautifully portrayed, and it is very
commendable that Ms. Marlowe wrote about the lifestyle as it is and as it takes
place, and didn’t glamorize it or stretch it into what most may believe it to be."
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Romance Junkies

Five Kisses from Two Lips Reviews

"Who knew accountants could be so deliciously kinky?  Don’t miss Ms. Marlowe’s
The Flavor of Summer, a wonderful novel of one man willing to go the distance to
meet his lover’s needs."                 
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The Flavor
of Summer

BDSM Contemporary
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Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself.
A. H. Weiler