Lyra Marlowe
erotic romance that breaks a few rules
Cover by Dar Albert
Despite being betrayed and robbed by his
long-term lover, gay paramedic Nolan
Crane remains an undaunted romantic.

He’s looking for true love to heal his broken
heart. His partner and friend, John Krulak,
is straight and commitment-phobic. He’s not
looking for anything more than his next one-
night stand. But lately, the thrill of the hunt
doesn’t satisfy him.

Lucy Bellino is Nolan’s oldest friend. She
loves him dearly, but platonically. With his
permission, she’s delighted to have sex with
John – anytime, anywhere. But even wildly
adventurous sex with Lucy (against the wall
in an alley, in the stationhouse in the middle
of a shift, or with Lucy bound and
blindfolded in the back of a van) can’t
satisfy John the way his alarming new
fantasies about his partner do.

All three carry scars from their past. All
three are looking for some kind of lasting
happiness. But if they’re going to have a
future together, they’ll each have to find a
way past their fears. And when one of them
puts his own life in danger, it’s clear that the
time for waiting is over. Ready or not, Nolan
and his best friends are about to become
Girl Next Door
from Loose Id
M/F, M/F/M, M/M
Note:This book was
previously released by
another publisher but has
been revised and reedited for
this version.
She generally gave herself very good advice,
(though she very seldom followed it).
Lewis Carroll
Lyra Marlowe
All rights reserved.