Lyra Marlowe
erotic romance that breaks a few rules
Lyra Marlowe
All Rights Reserved

All rights reserved.
Cover Art by Christine M. Griffin
Young, pretty, and sexually inexperienced, Joy yearns to know true passion. The
prim and proper Ladies who have raised her in their orphanage say that sex is dirty,
men are disgusting, and elves are the most sinful creatures in the world. But Joy is
eager, over-ripe, and sure they must be wrong.

A handsome, lusty sailor promises to answer Joy's every question with sexual
passion. But when they are caught just short of consummation, he abandons her
and Joy is driven from her home by the scandal.

Joy is rescued from a frozen death by Aidan Clark, a prosperous silversmith. The
craftsman gives her shelter in his spartan home and offers her employment as his
housekeeper. He asks nothing more, but Joy -- still curious and still a frustrated
virgin -- insists on sharing his bed. The results are shockingly brief and deeply

Bek, a breathtaking coal-eyed elf, turns his seductive interest on Joy. She is deeply
tempted, but determined not to disgrace Aidan. To her great outrage -- and greater
secret delight -- the men come to an arrangement. Joy will meet with Bek on every
full moon night for one year, in the hopes that she will bear his child. Aidan will
receive a bag of rare elven silver for her 'services.'

Sex with Bek is everything Joy had hoped for -- sensuous, inventive, unrestrained,
and deeply fulfilling. Her mundane life as Aidan's servant and companion is equally
satisfactory. But when Joy begins to fall in love with kindly Aidan, her heart will no
longer let her body be shared. She must learn the dark secrets of Aidan's sexual
past to help him overcome his shame. And she must use everything she's learned
from her elven lover to turn Aidan into the love and lover she truly desires.
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Silver Moons

Erotic Fantasy
Reviews for Thirteen Silver Moons
From Joyfully  

Thirteen Silver Moons is a wonderful story about what true love means, and what you
will do to get it.  While I had a bit of a hard time with parts of the plot line (this story
has it all—masturbation, oral sex, an orgy and voyeurism) fitting into the overall story,
I felt that it pulled together nicely at the end of the book.  Ms. Marlowe does a
wonderful job in cementing the fact that glitter and glitz sometimes are not the most
satisfying, but if you have to work for it, the rewards are even better.  Thirteen Silver
Moons is a well-thought out lesson in true love and happiness.          

From M.J. Fierstein:   Wanna be Seduced?

My favorite part of this book hands down (besides the sex which was surprise. It was
quite refreshing to have an imperfect and very real hero that still managed to come
across as a strong opposite to the heroine. He captivated me with his thoughtfulness,
brash mannerisms, and vulnerability.

Thirteen Silver Moons is a tale of discovery and love that you do not want to miss.
The story is endearing, the characters really speak to you, and the sex gets hotter
with every turn of the page leaving you longing for more!  

Four Cups from Coffee Time Romance:

Chrissie writes:

"Thirteen Silver Moons is captivating erotic romance.  Joy is a fun and unconventional
heroine. She is an innocent but she is very intelligent and sure of what she wants.
Aidan Clark is a likable and endearing character but there is also an aura of mystery
about him. The plot is very hot with surprising twists in turns. In particular, Aidan and
Joy experience a role reversal that I found refreshing and extremely seductive."

            Read the full review:
 Coffee Time Romance
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